Customer Service

Delivery Period
In most cases , the delivery can be done on the same day, all over the country , apart from remote locations, when the order is done until 16:00 , by Israeli time , from Sunday to Thursday, and until 14:00 on Friday.  
We undertake to make the delivery to central cities on the same day from 08:00 to 20:00. In case of a set hour, we will attempt to stand in time.
To make the deivery qualitative and accurate, we recommend to place the order on our site at least a day earlier.
On Saturdays and holidays we will not make deliveries.
Orders that will be done to be delivered on those days , will be delivered on the next day.
Delivery Standards
If the recipient is not in at the time of delivery, we reserve the right at our option to: - leave the flowers with the neighbors, having placed a message for the recipient on his/her door or in his/her mailbox indicating the person who has accepted the flowers/gift for him/her - in doing so we will control that the flowers/gifts are handed over to the recipient. If the recipient's address or phone number you have indicated is incomplete or wrong, your order may be delayed considerably. In order to avoid delays, please make sure that the recipient details you provide are exact and complete. In case a delivery has proved impossible for the following reasons:
1) the client indicated a nonexistent or wrong address,
2) the recipient has moved to another address or left the city,
3) the recipient has refused to accept the gift at the delivery - the money paid will not be refunded, since flowers are the perishable goods. If Marina Flowers fails to fulfill an order paid for in time through the fault of Marina Flowers, we guarantee that the paid money will be repaid in full or, if so agreed with the client, the order shall be delivered as soon as possible at the MarinaFlowers' expense, with a bottle of champagne or a box of sweets, etc. enclosed to the flowers ordered.
To make an order, please select the desired bouquet , or any other gift, and click "Buy Now".
Now, you are transferred to your shopping cart, where you can check the contents,
add products from "At Last Moment" products, and move to the reservation page , by clicking on "Checkout".
On this page, you fill out your details, recipient details , greeting card, and payment details (you have the option to choose the payment method that convenient for you).
Note: This page is protected by SSL protocol. After filling out the above details, click on "Confirm Offer".
If you made your order correctly, for the next 10 minutes from the order confirmation, you will get an email that will confirm that your order was received.
Pleasant shopping!
Order Status
You can contact us to find out your order status by phone numbers: +972-77-3360061(support service) or by e-mail.
In order to expedite answering to your question please specify your order system number in the Subject field of your letter.
Registered users may also check for the order status in the section "My account".
After we have taken an order, we will confirm the order, with the system number assigned, to the client.
After our agent has confirmed that the order had been delivered, we promptly send a delivery confirmation to the client's e-mail.
When ordering, you will be prompted to choose a payment method.
1.Credit cart. All info supplied by users is protected by SSL protocol on the server , a protocol which is authorized by credit card companies all over the world for online payments.
2. Paypal -is the world's largest electronic debit payment system. The PayPal system is one of the most widespread and successful systems of financial transactions in the world. Payments are made through a secure connection, after filling in the e-mail and password, specified upon confirmation of your account.
3.Western Union is a money transfer system. You can send money in any of the 400,000 offices in 200 countries After making transfer, you will need to inform us: Full name of the Sender, city, country Amount of transfer Transfer control number (assigned by the bank while making the transfer)
Privacy Notice
The Marina Flowers site is fully protected, all info supplied by users is protected by SSL protocol on the server ,
a protocol which is authorized by credit card companies all over the world for online payments.
This protocol encrypts definitly evey data transfer from the site and to the site by changing the data into a meaningless code while it is transferred.
Therefore , the shopping in Marina Flowers is protected with the latest word in data security and is absolutely safe.
Your Privacy .
In Marina Flowers we respect our customers discretion , anonymousy and privacy of customers who are revealing their personal information. Club membership is the easiest way of shopping Marina Flowers , within registration you will recieve a username and a password which will be used now and in future visits , which will save you the time of retyping your info.
The only details we ask are : name , telephone ,address , email , zipcode and birthdate.
All info submitted is for quick care of your order , and for getting to know you better and announce special sales and prices.
Pleasant shopping!